Special Services

Capital Mapping

LDC’s Capital Mapping Subscription Service produces individualized strategies for agencies as they seek to pursue new or alternative capital opportunities that are aligned with their needs and programs. Agencies and organizations facing uncertainty must search for diverse funding opportunities to remain afloat. For agencies with fairly consistent priorities that simply need new funding sources, knowing what capital sources to pursue and how to best position their projects will improve their results. For those with a broad set of projects and priorities, the Capital Mapping Subscription Service will help them actively capitalize on the best funding options for their strategic initiatives. LDC is highly knowledgeable of funding sources at the federal, state, regional, and local levels and of debt, equity, and philanthropic capital sources. We monitor and continually stay up to date on new funding opportunities and cutting-edge financial strategies.

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Strategic Opportunity Assessment Paper (SOAP)

LDC’s Strategic Opportunity Assessment Papers (SOAPs) provide critical intelligence about new developments and outline a strategic path forward for a specific client or sector. The process begins by working with clients on identifying a topic of interest. We conduct deep research and analysis surrounding a chosen topic, whether it is an emerging trend, technology, policy, or funding mechanism. We distill our thinking and research into a focused document tailored our client’s organization or sector. These papers provide a full overview on the topic and outline the key challenges and opportunities ahead of an organization or sector. The SOAP is designed to assist organizations with navigating hurdles and capitalizing on new opportunities.

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