At LeSar Development Consultants, our mission is to help our clients create physically,
economically, and environmentally sustainable communities.

Who We Are


Jennifer LeSar, President and CEO, leading our team of experts.

LDC is led by an experienced senior staff of proven industry professionals. Founded by Jennifer LeSar in 2005, LDC employs seasoned experts with more than 50 years combined experience in the private, nonprofit and public sectors.

LDC is certified by the State of California as a woman-owned, small business corporation. We have offices are in San Diego, Los Angeles and Sacramento.

What We Do

LDC provides forward-thinking solutions to today’s complex problems, using our expertise in:



How We Do It

LDC’s strength lies in our ability to bring people together through time-tested, high-level relationships in the public, private and government sectors. We connect disparate interests and help get everyone on the same page.

We leverage our expertise, experience and creativity to solve problems and make positive change in the community.

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