Factory OS Tour

On January 30, LDC staff toured Factory OS, a new company specializing in the off-site construction of pre-fab modular homes. Co-owned by well-known developer Rick Holliday of Holliday Development, and Larry Pace of Cannon Contractors, the company aims to speed up the production and reduce the costs of building both market rate and affordable multifamily housing. A recent San Francisco Chronicle article reported that Factory OS is already slated to produce more than 1,700 total units for five projects in the cities of Oakland, Emeryville, Mountain View, and Union City. The Mountain View project developed for Google owner Alphabet Inc. will produce an estimated 300 modular apartment units for Google employees.

Jennifer LeSar, CEO of LDC, Rick Holiday, owner of Factory OS, Ophelia Basgal, Senior Principal at LDC, and Liz Tracey Senior Principal at LDC, tour a 300 square foot unit intended for rapid rehousing. Units can be delivered finished, with appliances installed.

Factory OS workers in Phase I of building.

Factory OS prepped to build affordable housing units

Jennifer LeSar with Sarah Kruer Jager of Monarch Group at Factory OS.